Cateye Padrone Digital Wireless Cc-Pa400B + Speed / Caden - Fietscomputers

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Functions The Padrone Digital comes with a large range of functions and can show a range of different metrics. The 3-row, large screen that can show up to 4 different data displays at once. The functions included are: Current, average and maximum speed Current, average and maximum cadence Current, average and maximum heart rate Total distance Trip distance 1 and 2 Moving time Clock Connectivity One of the great things about the Pandrone Digital is that it comes with a great range of connectivity options. The computer can be connected to your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth Smart. You can use this connectivity to complete control your cycling computer via your smartphone which allows you to completely personalise the displays and achieve advance options. You can also use this connection with your smartphone to download all your performance data via multiple apps such as Strava, Training Peaks, and the Cateye Cycling app.